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Personnel of the Mayor of Almaty District in Astana

24.11.2015, 11:56

Personnel of the Mayor of Almaty District in Astana

Information about the Head:

Sarsembayev Adilbek Zeynullayevich 

was born on August 25 1978 in Tselinograd


higher education in law, economics; candidate of political sciences

Record of Employment:

He started his career in 1996 in the Tax Inspectorate of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2000-2006 – was holding different positions in the system of the Mayor’s Office of Astana

2006-2007 – the Chief Inspector of the Department of the State Control and Arrangements of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan

2007-2009 – the First Deputy Mayor of Petropavl, Head of the Personnel of the Mayor of North Kazakhstan Region

Since May 2015 – the Head of “Astana Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Control” State Institution

He has been registered in the personnel reserve for Corp “A”

General Information 

·  The district was established on May 6, 1998 based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

·  Area of Almaty District is 21 054 ha

·  Population of the District is 379.2 thous. people

·  There are 5 residential areas in the District

Address: Astana, 7 Tauyelsizdik Ave. (former Manas Ave.)


Organization and Control Department +7 (7172) 36-39-19

Personnel Management Service +7(7172) 36-38-90

Clerical Office +7(7172) 36-36-87

Improvement Department +7 (7172) 35-03-01

Infrastructure Department +7 (7172) 35-45-27

Life Sustenance Department +7 (7172) 34-08-35

Department of Entrepreneurship +7 (7172) 36-39-27

Department of Internal Policy and Social Sphere +7 (7172) 36-11-26

Production Technical Department +7 (7172) 34-18-19

Estimate Department +7 (7172) 34- 17-43

Financial Department +7 (7172) 36-51-04

Public Procurement Department +7 (7172) 36-45-59

Civil Registry Department +7 (7172) 36-93-49

Fax: +7 (7172) 36-27-01


Summary about the Activities of the Public Authority

The Personnel of the Mayor of Almaty District in Astana is a state institution, financed by the local budget, in the territory of the administrative-territorial unit.

The main objective of activities is implementation of the national policy of the executive power in conjunction with the interests and development needs of Almaty District in Astana.

The priority areas of activities are as follows: consideration of requests, applications, complaints from citizens, taking measures to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens; facilitating collection of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget; budget programs development and introduction to the Mayor’s Office of Astana for approval by the Maslikhat of Astana, the administrator of which is the Personnel; development of a strategic plan in accordance with the budget legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan; facilitating the execution of the laws and norms of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, acts of the President and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, normative legal acts of central and local government agencies by citizens and legal entities; promotion of entrepreneurial activities development, within its competence – exercise of regulation of land relations; organization and enforcement of legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on military duty and military service, civil defense and mobilization preparation and mobilization; organization of activities to preserve historical and cultural heritage; identification of needy persons, provision of proposals on employment, targeted social assistance to the higher authorities, organization of services for single elderly and disabled citizens at home; promotion of development of local social infrastructure; interaction with local self-government authorities; participation in the sessions of Maslikhat of Astana in approving (refining) the local budget; support of the organization of pre-school education and training; organization within its competence of water supply to settlements and regulation of water use issues; organization of works on improvement, lighting, landscaping and sanitary cleaning of settlements; organization of burial for homeless persons and public works on the cemeteries and other burial grounds maintenance, keeping the register of non-professional mediators.

Schedule for Reception of Citizens in regard to Personal Issues in the Personnel of the Mayor of Almaty District in Astana


Full Name of the Head


Reception Time


Sarsembayev Adilbek Zeynullayevich

Mayor of Almaty District in Astana

Last Thursday of the month 


Yessilov Askar Sansyzbayevich

Deputy Mayor of Almaty District in Astana



Bulatbekov Boranbai Nigmetovich

Deputy Mayor of Almaty District in Astana



Sametov Galymzhan Akilbekovich

Head of the Personnel of the Mayor of Almaty District



Structure of the State Institution

Organization and Control Department– ensures control over the execution of legislative acts of the President and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, orders, and the city and district mayors’ instructions; provides organizational and informational interaction of the district mayor with the representative and executive bodies at all levels; organization of participation in major events, implementation of measures for their organizational support; keeps the registry of execution of protocol instructions of the mayor and his deputies and the district mayor, analysis and monitoring of the execution of protocol instruction of the district mayor.

Head of the Department – Kapanov Baurzhan Serikpayevich

Personnel Management Service –implements other tasks and functions for personnel management, defined by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the sphere of public service, provides civil service within the integrated personnel management system of the public body, execution of labor legislation and legislation on public service by the public body, enforcement of compliance with regime and working conditions, as well as restrictions associated with public service.

Head of the Service – Imanbayeva Dinara Kydyrbayevna

Clerical Office –ensures the implementation of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the Procedure for Consideration of Requests Received from Individuals and Legal Entities", organizes timely consideration of letters, petitions, complaints and reception of citizens, as well as the personal reception of citizens by the district mayor, his deputies, the head of the personnel, according to the approved schedule; provides a single procedure for documenting, organizing paperwork, creation and maintenance of information search systems; performs initial processing, preliminary consideration, registration, recording, storage, delivery and distribution of documents; carries out monthly, quarterly analysis of the requests received, prepares information on the status of work with incoming correspondence.

Head of the Clerical Office – Urazbekova Gulbarshin Sadvakassovna

Department of Internal Policy and Social Sphere– provides implementation of the state policy in social protection of the disabled, lonely elderly and other needy citizens, education, healthcare, migration and demography, physical culture and sports, family and women, development of the state language; interacts with the media, controls the use of state symbols in the enterprises, organizations, provides the organization of national and professional holidays celebration.

Head of the Department – Korkenbayeva Aigul Alpyssovna

Department of Entrepreneurship– ensures interaction with the organizations of sanitary and epidemiological supervision, protection of public order related to small-sized businesses, organizes the implementation of the state program for support and development of small and medium-sized businesses; formation and improvement of data bank of businesses, issues of monitoring, collection and analysis of business development data, development of forward-looking indicators; organization of interaction and coordination with the Outdoor Advertising Department of Astana Office of Architecture and Urban Planning in regard to proper condition of the outdoor advertising and visual advertising of business facilities.

Head of the Department – Karasheva Gulnur Zhaksylykovna

Life Sustenance Department– enables clear uninterrupted work on the supervised enterprises of all forms of ownership to ensure the normal life of the district; monitors the implementation of measures for preparation for the winter period; constantly works with AOC, HBC and PC to improve the quality of services provided to the population of the district.

Head of the Department – Abdraimov Nurmat Khamidullayevich

Infrastructure Department– interacts with enterprises of construction, industry, transport and communication on the implementation of targeted programs of socio-economic development of the district, cooperates with the working group to identify, prevent illegal construction and misuse of land plots.

Head of the Department – Suteyev Almay Altynbayevich

Improvement Department– ensures interaction with companies and organizations, public utilities of the city; enforces decisions of Maslikhat of Astana "On the Rules of Improvement, Sanitation, Cleaning and Ensuring cleanliness"; organizes work with enterprises and organizations of the district for landscaping and sanitary maintenance of fixed and adjacent territories; controls compliance with the procedures for works performance related to violations in regard to road surfaces, sidewalks, lawns and other objects, elements of municipal facilities and services in the city territory.

Head of the Department – Dosmaganbetov Ramil Maishulanovich

Production Technical Department– develops long-term activities on the current maintenance of the district; participates in the development of feasibility studies and calculations; controls implementation of new regulatory changes for all types of works and services of the Personnel of the Mayor of Almaty District; implements performance monitoring for the works carried out by contractors.

Head of the Department – Samatuly Maksat

Estimate Department– carries out preparation and checking of calculations for budget requests, checks the preparation of technical specifications for public procurement, signing of contractors’ performed works acts; takes measures on the timely resolution of issues arising in the course of works performance.

Head of the Department – Tlegenova Raushan Sansyzbayevna

Financial Department– carries out accounting and control of timely, targeted and effective use of budget funds in accordance with the approved Strategic Plan of the Personnel of the Mayor of Almaty District in Astana State Institution and the financing plan for liabilities and charges; conducts accounting and budget control, allocated from the local budget, as well as the target transfers allocated from the republican budget for the maintenance of pre-school organizations of Almaty District in Astana; provides organization of accounting, delivery of quarterly, half-yearly and annual reports to financial authorities in accordance with applicable laws.

Head of the Department – Dauliyeva Dinara Tukenovna

Public Procurement Department– public procurement for budget programs in accordance with the law; timely submission of the required information to the authorized body and its placement on the website or web-portal; checking correctness of public procurement contracts, control over timely provision of information on the contracts to the authorized body, control of correctness of drawing up and approval of the annual plan for public procurement of goods, works and services;

Head of the Department – Panzheyeva Diana Temirbekovna

Civil Registry Department– organizes the state registration of civil status documents: birth, death, marriage (matrimony) dissolution of marriage (matrimony), adoption, paternity, change of name, patronymic, surname, changes, additions and corrections, recovery, cancellation of civil registrations, as well as the issuance of repeated certificates, references and copies of documentary records of civil registration in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Head of the Department – Amirzhanova Gulsum Madiyevna 

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