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01.07.2015, 13:07 News / Plan of the Nation - 100 Concrete Steps
Astana Business Campus will open Its Doors in 2018

According to implementation of the Plan of the Nation, voiced by the Head of State, development of innovation clusters is planned as a basis for the formation of knowledge-based economy. Since 2012, intellectual and innovation cluster has been developing at Nazarbayev University, which is aimed at developing links between university science and industry, as well as the lead-out of the results of scientific developments to the market. The cluster consists of 4 elements of the innovation infrastructure. At the moment, "Business Incubator", "Commercialization Office" and "Technopark" are operating, and in 2018, Astana Business Campus Science Park will start functioning.

The main objective of Astana Business Campus establishment and functioning will be creation of innovation ecosystem that will facilitate the development of innovative entrepreneurship, as well as promote the development of innovative business in Kazakhstan through the integration of science, business and government. It is planned that the science park will provide 8 thousand jobs and will begin its work as early as 2018. Science park will consist of five clusters: geological, high technologies, engineering, biomedical and social-and-service.

Today, the commercialization route for research projects has been developed within Commercialization Office and Business Incubator. Model of developments lead-outs to the market is being successfully implemented on the basis of "Technopark". 7 projects in the fields of IT, renewable energy, technology transfer, which had been approved for funding, were selected out of 170 research projects based on the expertise results. A significant element of the cluster - Nazarbayev University Astana Business Campus Science Park - will bring together venture funds, experts, inventors, students, all those who are ahead of their time, in one place. The aim of Astana Business Campus is to create favorable conditions for the development of high-tech businesses, both Kazakhstani and international.

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