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Khoroshun Sergey Mikhailovich

31.10.2017, 10:50
Khoroshun Sergey Mikhailovich

Khoroshun Sergey Mikhailovich 

First Deputy Akim 

Born on March 26, 1966


1984-1986  served in the USSR Armed Forces. In 1990 he graduated from the Tselinograd Civil Engineering Institute;

1990-1995  worked at "Tselinogradzhilstroy" PSO;

1995-1998  worked at Tselinnaya Railroad Office;

1998-2000  Head of Department, Deputy Head of "Gorkommunkhoz" UKS SCE;

since 2000 - Director of the Department for Public Utilities;

since February 2005 - Director of Astana Department for Energy and Public Utilities;

since September 2006 - the First Deputy Akim of Astana.

State Awards: 

He was awarded "Kurmet" Order, "Astana", "Kazakstan Respublikasynyn Tauyelsizdigine 10 Zhyl" medals.

Functional Responsibilities:

In accordance with the Decree of Akim of Astana dated December 24, 2014 № 06-40 On the Allocation of Responsibilities between Akim of Astana, Its Deputies and the Head of the Staff", the First Deputy Akim of Astana, Khoroshun S.M.:

1. is personally responsible for compliance with the decrees taken by Astana Akimat (hereinafter - Akimat), the decisions and orders of Akim, the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in architecture and urban-planning activities, construction, land relations, shared construction.

2. coordinates the work of the deputy akims of Astana.

3. ensures implementation of acts and orders of Akim in the city development and territories construction  issues, the capitals architectural image formation, development of housing construction, in land relations on the issues of land plots allocation.

4. coordinates works on the implementation of Astana Master Plan, integrated planning of the city infrastructure facilities development.

5. provides state control in construction and licensing of activities and assessment in architecture, urban planning and construction in Astana.

6. coordinates the activities of enterprises and organizations of Astana construction complex in accordance with the approved program of Astana development and development regulations.

7. manages preparation and implementation of the development programs, detailed planning projects, construction and reconstruction projects expertise development within his authorities.

8. ensures state control over land use and protection in Astana.

9. has the right of the first signature as the head of the legal entity on contractual, financial and claim-related documents at registration of licenses and other permits.

10. ensures the implementation of Akimats authorities in shared housing construction.

11. supervises, coordinates and cooperates with:

1) "Astana Office of Construction" State Institution;

2) "Astana Office of Architecture and Urban Planning" State Institution;

3) "Astana Office of Land Relations" State Institution;

4) "Astana Office of Land Use and Protection Control" State Institution;

5) "Astana Office of State Architectural and Construction Control" State Institution;

6) "Korkem Kyyma Kombinaty" State Communal Enterprise based on Economic Management of "Astana Office of Architecture and Urban Planning" State Institution;

7) "Astanagenplan" Scientific Research Design Institute" Limited Liability Partnership;

8) "AKKB" Zhana Kurylys" Limited Liability Partnership;

9) "Yelorda Damu" Limited Liability Partnership;

10) "Astanagorarkhitektura" Limited Liability Partnership;

11) "Astanastroy-Engineering" Limited Liability Partnership;

12) "Nurly-Astana" Corporate Fund;

13) design organizations;

14) "AstanagorNPTsZem" Branch State Enterprise based on the right of Economic Management in Astana;

15) enterprises and organizations of the construction complex.

12. heads the following institutions:

1) Commission for Operation Submission of the Completed Construction Facilities;

2) Inter-Departmental Commission under the authority of Astana Akimat on the Shared Housing Construction Issues;

3) Commission for the Land Plots Allocation in Astana;

4) Commission for Reallocation of Shared Construction Participants by Housing Facilities, Construction of which is being completed at the Expense of the Budget;

5) Inter-Departmental Commission for Problematic Issues in the Process of Land Plots Acquisition for Public Use, Housing Demolition, Protection of Rights of the Citizens within the "Pointed" Development and New Facilities Construction.

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