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Frequently Asked Questions

26.06.2017, 08:29
  1. Housing Relations

Which categories of citizens are entitled to privatize housing from the public housing stock gratuitously?

How many apartments can residents receive from the public housing stock?

If there is an apartment or a dormitory in my name, can I submit documents?

I have been registered in the category of “1st and 2nd groups disabled”, and I am also still working. Can I submit documents through the program of regional development?

Based on the housing lease agreement from the public housing stock, an apartment has been provided instead of the demolished dilapidated housing. Can I privatize the provided apartment?

I’ve got registered in the list of those in need of housing. Currently, I’ve got married and created a family. Is it possible to include my husband, children and parents in the list?

I am referred to the socially vulnerable groups of population and I’ve got registered; according to the waiting list, I’ve received an apartment based on the lease agreement from the public housing stock. Can I privatize the apartment?

  1. Housing and Utilities

Where can I get information, take contacts of the apartments’ owners cooperatives (AOCs)?

We, as well as other residents of the city, are concerned about the issues of our houses, namely about the activities of the servicing organizations. Which measures are taken to improve the work and transparency of the AOCs activities?

  1. Passengers Carriage Arrangement

Please, provide detail information about the routes, about the enterprises servicing it indicating its directors and contacts so that we could directly call these carriage companies in case of violation of transportation regulations.

Where can we address to resolve the issues of servicing of the city passenger routes?

  1. Landscaping

I live in Ilyinka Residential Area, on the Street No. 205; previously, we had a sewage system working properly, we are still paying money for water and sewerage to "Astana Su-Arnasy" SME based on the EM - why do we have constant backwater, who is responsible for this?

Dear Mayor, please, tell us whether Koktal-1 residential area will be connected to the centralized heat supply.

  1. Construction

What kind of social facilities are being built in the city today?

Will new parks or public gardens be built in 2017 in "Saryarka" District?

What is planned to be built in the territory of the old central market (Valikhanov St., Bogenbai Ave., Seyfullin Str.)

  1. Architecture and Land Relations

Where can I find the priority number for the land plot?

Will the land be allocated in the near future?

How to change the purpose of use for a land plot?

How to apply for registration of permit for redevelopment and re-equipment of an apartment, what documents are required?

Shall objects of external (visual) advertising be taxed?

How to apply for registration of permit for placement of an object of outdoor (visual) advertising?

How can I obtain a land plot for the construction of business facilities?

  1. Entrepreneurship

How can you deal with temporary trade, for example, trade of soft drinks in the summer period?

In connection with the economic situation in the external market, what types of works are carried out by the city mayor’s office to deter prices?

We would like to do our own business. What types of business support are provided by the government?

  1. Social Protection

For whom is sanatorium-and-spa treatment provided?

Does the state provide assistance to people who have difficulties in movement in the form of appointing individual assistants, if there are no close relatives who could care for them?

How to find a job for a young specialist who has just graduated from an educational institution, who does not have work experience in the major? WherecanIaddressthisquestion?

What kinds of social assistance are there for a young family, if one of the spouses does not work, is busy caring for the child?

How are documents drawn up for disabled to provide them with sanatorium-and-spa treatment?What kinds of assistance are there for participants in nuclear tests at the Semipalatinsk test site?

Tell me, who is housing assistance assigned to?

Where can I go to register as the unemployed, is there an opportunity to find a job in my major?

Who is targeted social assistance assigned to?

  1. Education

Are there free meals for children in general educational schools?

How is the individual free education of sick children at home organized in the city?

Where can I get a certificate of custody and guardianship?

How can I register on the waiting list in preschool institutions?

Where can I find out about the progress of the children priority in the waiting list to kindergarten?

How is the monthly payment for the child's visit to the kindergarten formed?

  1. Sports

Are there any children's youth sports schools in the city? How many children are attending it and what kinds of sports are they engaged in?

What kind of attention is paid to the development of sports and its material and technical maintenance in Astana?

What sports activities are held in the city?

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