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Transport System Development Strategy

29.09.2016, 15:07

Astana is a modern city, which is attractive for tourists and comfortable for living for residents and guests of the capital of Kazakhstan. Today, the city population is approximately one million people and it continues to grow. The number of vehicles increases along with the growth of the population. This is due not only to the increase in living standards, but also due to the trend towards the rapid development of the population mobility. Earlier, people used public transport more often and lived in close proximity to the work place, whereas in the current situation people use private transport more frequently, living away from the city’s business areas.

In order to effectively manage the transport system, the managing transport company of “Astana LRT” LLP was established in April 2011 under the authority of Astana Office of Passenger Transport, which set the task of modernization and operational management for the transport system of the city.

Today, a revolution in the field of transport takes place in the capital of Kazakhstan. Over the recent years, the following projects have been implemented and are planned to be implemented:

- light rail transport (LRT) construction;

- renewal of the rolling stock (City Bus - 1, City Bus - 2 and City Bus - 3);

- implementation of ASTRA PLAT Electronic Fare Collection System;

- establishment of the Transport Control Service (TCS);

- modernization of the route network for public transport;

- introduction of public transport lanes (Bus Lane);

- establishment of the Transport Experts Competency Center;

- introduction of school transportation (School Bus);

- organization of the city taxi service;

- construction of bus stations for suburban and intercity bus transportation;

- installation of closed-type bus shelters (warm bus stops);

- parking space management in Astana.

In October 2015, the agreement on the opening of the UITP International Association of Public Transport office in Kazakhstan was signed.

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