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Smart School

28.09.2016, 19:47

The objective is to ensure security, convenience and automation of processes in the schools of Astana.

Basic components are as follows: access control and management system (hereinafter – ACMS), video surveillance, e-library, e-canteen and personal account.

It was commissioned in June 2015 and operates in the Gymnasium School No. 3 SI and Lyceum School No. 15 SI.

Implementation of the ACMS module resulted in the complete record-keeping for persons entering the school building, as well as restricted entries for unauthorized persons.

Effect of the project:

- improvement of students safety in schools up to 85%;

- prevention of unauthorized persons presence in schools up to 90%;

- prevention of emergency situations in schools up to 75%;

- automation of the library collection record-keeping by more than 60%.

It is planned to expand the project in all schools of the capital by attracting investment and providing service model services.

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