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Smart Polyclinic

28.09.2016, 19:32

The objective is to improve the quality of medical services by automation of internal and external processes of polyclinics.

The main components of the project are an information system, a self-service terminal, online registration via web-portal.

It was commissioned in June 2015 and operates in the Municipal Polyclinic No. 4 in Astana.

As a part of the project, more than 300 jobs have been automated, 631 people out of the personnel have passed training, more than 750 types of survey protocols have been downloaded into the project’s information system, services have been provided through the information system of the project to more than 106 thousand patients, approximately 2 thousand patients have been registered for doctor’s appointments online and self-service terminal.

Effect of the project:

- reduction of services provision to a patient by a physician of the polyclinic up to 10 minutes;

- reduction of lines at the reception of the polyclinic by 30%;

- improvement of the efficiency and informative content of diagnostic tests by at least 85%, time saving for medical staff.

Expansion of the project in all the polyclinics of the capital through investment attraction, and provision of services based on the service model have been scheduled.

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