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28.09.2016, 15:54

Information about Public Procurement 

for the Mayor’s Office of Astana as of September 1, 2016

According to the budget programs administrators with subordinate government agencies and enterprises of the Mayor’s Office of Astana, the amount of budget funds planned for the implementation of public procurement as of September 1, 2016 amounted to 148 742.8 million tenge. In total, 27 249 public procurement contracts in the amount of 140 539.4 tenge were signed.


bidding – 1 646 contracts amounting to 32 197.4 million tenge;

from a single source – 3 147 contracts amounting to 60 352.7 million tenge;

price quotation request – 6 665 contracts amounting to 3 303.6mln tenge;

from a single source through direct signing – 16 500 contracts amounting to 43 081.7 million tenge;

auction – 78 contracts amounting to 1 709.2 mln. tenge

Conditional savings from the held procurement is 8 203.5 mln. tenge.

Annual plans for public procurement, procurement announcements, as well as information on contracts signed by educational institutions of Astana are posted on the public procurement web-portal:

 Municipal Property Lease

The Mayor’s Office of Astana performs functions for the transfer of municipal property of Astana into property lease (rent).

In accordance with the Regulations for the Transfer of State Property into Property Lease (Rent), approved by the Order No. 212of the Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 17, 2015 (hereinafter - the Regulations), rooms are available for rent through the electronic bidding, except the following cases:

1)  provision of rooms of educational, scientific, cultural and sports organizations for a term not exceeding one month for course classes, conferences, seminars, concerts, exhibitions and sports events;

2)  provision of rooms to a candidate, political party or their authorized representatives to meet with voters and hold election campaigns;

3)  provision of rooms (regardless of the area) and equipment to the suppliers who have entered into public procurement contracts related to the delivery of goods, performance of works and provision of services to balance-holders of the facilities;

4)  provision of rooms, buildings and structures with the area of ​​one hundred square meters, as well as other property (vehicles, equipment, furniture, office equipment), the residual value of which does not exceed 150-fold monthly calculation index;

5)  provision of space for the installation of ATMs and Multi-Cash Registers;

6)  for the implementation of activities of the national mail operator in villages, rural districts;

7)  provision of facilities referred to the district municipal property and transferred to the city district, village, settlement, rural mayors for management;

8)  provision of rooms (regardless of the area) and equipment (regardless of its cost) to suppliers, who entered into contracts for procurement of catering services, enrolled in institutions of secondary education.

In accordance with the above-specified Regulations, a facility is provided for property lease (lease) without bidding; it is carried out on the basis of the request form for the facility provision for property lease (rent) (hereinafter – the request form) according to Annex 1 to these Regulations.

The request shall be registered in electronic form on web-portal, indicating name of the facility, its balance-holder, as well as justification for the facility need with the attached electronic (scanned) copies of the following documents:

1)  legal entities – a copy of the certificate of state registration of the legal entity (reference information about state registration of the legal entity) and the charter;

2)  individuals – a copy of the applicants’ identity document, certificate of state registration of the individual entrepreneur (for the individual entrepreneur), statement of residence;

3)  foreign individuals or legal entities – passport or constituent documents with a notarized translation into the state and/or Russian languages.

However, in case of two or more requests for the facility property lease (rent), its transfer for property lease (rent) is carried out based on the bidding.

Bidding for the provision of facilities to property lease (rent) is carried out using the registry of the web-portal ( in electronic format.

Further information on web-portal can be obtained by contacting the Call-Center + 7 (7172) 552981 or in “Astana Office of Municipal Property and Public Procurement” State Institution + (7172) 550 173.

Any use of materials is allowed with the reference to the official website of Astana city