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Illegal Land Seizure

28.09.2016, 15:50

A working group, which includes the regulatory authorities, as well as representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office and internal affairs authorities, has been established by the Mayor’s Office of Astana based on the decision of the Mayor of Astana for the rapid detection and suppression of the facts of unauthorized land seizure and illegal construction.

Mobile groups of representatives of the personnel of the mayors of districts, concerned government and law enforcement agencies also work in the districts of the capital.

Violations of state ownership rights for land plots by fencing territories adjacent to the allotted land (belonging to them based on the ownership or land use rights) without documents of title to land (construction of fences, the boundaries of which extend beyond the allotted areas and cover ​​land owned by the state) have been detected.

The main areas of the unauthorized construction of residential buildings are Ondiris, Kirpichniy areas, territory of Schebsklad Horticultural Society, which were established in the period of 2005-2007.

Explanatory works with the population are provided in the course of which people are informed about the measures taken to resolve the current situation in order to avoid further facts of unauthorized construction of residential buildings.

Works on dismantling and demolition of illegal temporary facilities (stalls (kiosks), containers, metal garages, tire service shops and other) are also carried out in the territory of the three city districts.

As a result, the working groups have dismantled and removed 460 temporary facilities since the beginning of this year, including 321 in Almaty District, 19 in Yessil District, 120 in Saryarka District.

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