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28.09.2016, 15:00

According to Astana Development Master Plan until 2030, the territory is 71 014 ha, including 36 235 ha of the built-up territory, 34 779 ha natural landscape areas.

The development territory until 2020 is 4 805 ha, including:

 - the area to the west from Mynzhyldyk Walk;

 - the area to the south from Orynbor Street;

 - the area to the west from Turan Avenune, etc.

The development territory until 2025 is 5 245 ha, including:

 - the area along the entrance highways: Kostanai, Korgalzhyn, Kosshy, Maibalyk, Karaganda, Yereymentau

All the remaining areas of development until 2030 is 3 023 ha, except for the reserve of 2 492 ha, including the area of 5 761 ha to the north from the railway line, which is subject to reconstruction. 

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