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Youth Movements

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Areas of Activities




“Business Council of Youth in Astana” Youth Public Association

Sakhmetov Kaiyrbolat, 

Executive Director

Development of youth business activity

24/1 Abai Str., office 53 (Argymak BC)

8 (7172) 322690


“Zhas Otan” Youth Wing of “Nur-Otan” PDP” PA

Kainarov Shakhmardin Askarovich, 

Executive Secretary

Creation of social and economical, political and other conditions for comprehensive development of young people

12/1Kunayev Str.

8(7172) 707715



Center for Social Partnership

YerimbetovNurlanKenzhibekovich, Director

Social partnership based on labor relations

10 Orynbor, office 01

8(7172) 505505

8(7172) 999785



Polubinskiy Stanislav Leonidovich, President

Economical development of the civil society of the Republic of Kazakhstan, improvement of patriotic feelings and status among young people

3 Tauyelsizdik Ave., office 13



Astana City Branch of “Zhas Otan” Youth Wing of “Nur-Otan” People’s Democratic Party

Shakabayev Sergazy Faizullakyzy, Chairman

Implementation and protection of the rights of youth, patriotic and humanitarian education of youth

3 Tauyelsizdik Ave., office 9

8 (7172) 366191


www.жас отан.kz


KVN Republican League

RazumkovMaksim Valentinovich, Director

The organization of leisure of youth, development of KVN movement

28 Respublika Ave., office 326



“Bolashak” International Scholarship Association of Graduates

Makash Yermek Nursultanuly, Executive Director

The organization of meetings of graduates, participation in seminars

12/1 Kunayev Str., office 411/2

8 (7172) 707669

Dir. 87784680411


“Zhelayak” Club of Amateurs of Running and Healthy Lifestyles

Mikheyeva Raissa Lazarevna, Chairman of the Club

The organization and holding of mass races, promotion of mass run. Arrangement of healthy lifestyle activities. Medicinal herbs picking

14 KenessaryStr., Central Stadium

8 (7172) 627928

8 (7172) 534052


“Shuak” Youth Center of Health

Shanbayeva Gulnaz Nurdygolovna, Director

Medical, psychological and social assistance. Reproductive health. Family planning, prevention.

20 Akan Seri, offices Nos. 217, 215, 217, Municipal Polyclinic No. 5 (children department)

8 (7172) 28 91 70


“Youth Society of the Disabled” PA

Abdumomynov Murat Usserbayevich, Chairman

Assistance to young people with disabilities

Shaken Aimanov Micro-District, Building 6/1

8 (7172) 482808

8 (7172) 625272

87787337678 Dir.


“RShSMMT of Units” PA

Khmidullin Rakhat Mukhamedsalimovich, Chairman

Employment of young people, greening and beautification of the city. Promoting youth

Astana, 12 Momyshuly Str., PV 14

8 (7172) 49502



City Branch of “Zhassyl Yel” Republican Headquarters of Young Labor Units

Shamenov Merei Yerbolovich, Director

Landscaping, employment in the city

14 ZhumabayevStr., office 100

8 (777)9974554




Zhanuzbek Meruert Amanbekkyzy , Director

Teaching oratorical skills. Training courses, seminars and round tables

40 Kabanbai Batyr Ave., VP 7, Infinity RC

8 (7172) 781628

8 (7172) 451964


“Zhas Otan” Youth Wing Republican Fund

Sakoshev Ayan Kazhimiruly, Director

Center for the implementation of practical steps to improve the position of young people in the country and its mobilization to address socio-economic problems of the state

12/1 Kunayev Str.

8 (7172) 707667



“Rukhani Kogam Alemi” Public Fund

Koyshiyeva L.K.

Implementation of social policies and provision of financial and material support to certain categories of the population, including young people

23 Kuishi Dina, Apt. 78

8- 7172- 77 93 38


KVN Union of Kazakhstan Republican Youth Public Association

President – Ye. Yeleuken

Development of KVN movement, revitalization of interest in the state language, promotion of Kazakh language and culture, propaganda of healthy lifestyles among young people within the framework of "Kazakhstan-2030" Strategic Development Program, etc.

4 PushkinStr., Apt. 18




“Republican Movement of Student Construction and Youth Crews” Public Fund

Chairman – Mukhamedzhan-uly Marat

Attracting young people to participate in the implementation of socio-economic policies aimed at building a democratic society, strengthening the stability of international consciousness. Provision of youth employment. Provision of legal and other advisory assistance to youth

41/1 Moskovskaya Str.

8-707-700 00 98


“Zhasulan” Common Children and Youth Organization” Republican Public Association

Chairman – Shamilov D.A.

Revitalization of public, social, cultural, cognitive and creative activity

52/1 Imanov Str.



“Convent of the Young People of Kazakhstan” PF

Director – Abdurashitov A.B.

The main objective of the Fund is to consolidate students and youth. Representation, implementation and protection of social, cultural and other rights and freedoms of students and young people. Creating the conditions for the full development and activation of students and young people in various areas of public life

SaryarkaDistrict, 9 ShardaraStr.

8-707-520 00 22


“Samgau Astana” PA

Director – Kobeyev M.Sh.

Support for socially vulnerable categories of citizens, provision of information and analytical services to the population

36/1 KuishiDinaStr., Apt. 5


“SOSChildren’sVillageAstana” EducationalNGO

Director – Arystanova Z.S.

Implementation of pedagogical model of SOS Children's Village, predetermining content, upbringing and development of children in conditions close to family ones, further social adaptation in the society and their full satisfaction with the educational needs of students and inmates

40 Abylai Khan Ave.,

8-7172-353 505


“Ethno-Cultural Association of the Koreans of Astana” PA

Chairman – Kim A.G.

Development of scientific, technical and creative art, protection of human life and health. Patriotic and humanities education, cultural and educational, sports and health improvement activities

16/1 RespublikaAve., Apt. 52

8-7172-688 799


“Orleu Shyny” PA

Chairman – Mustafin B.A.

The subject of the PA activities is presentation, implementation, protection of rights and interests of non-governmental organizations

Almaty District, 24 Sembinov Str., Apt. 432



“Astana-Daryn NS” PA

President – Khassenov M.T.

Achieving the goals in education, science, information, culture, labor and social protection of culture and sports; support for youth policy and children's initiatives

Yessil District, 4Sauran Str., Apt. 213



“ZhasStar” Center for Youth Policy

Director – Madibek Yergali Sergazyievich

The main activities of the fund are uniting young people of the Republic of Kazakhstan, protection of youth health, development of physical culture and sports, legal assistance, raising political awareness and legal culture of the population, the revival of national culture, traditions, organization and holding of mass and international ethno-cultural activities, creating conditions and decision-making mechanisms for problems of young people of the country, protection of their interests

Almaty District, 1 Yessil Lane, Apt. 2



“АТ Production” PF

Chairman – Kopbayev A.S.

Support of creative initiatives of young people, holding concerts, events, competitions and championships

4/3 Sh. Kudaiberdiuly Str., Apt. 11

8-775-447  99 99


“Ulagat” Fund of Culture and Development” PF

Chairman – Rymkhanova Assem Rymkhanovna

The objective of the fund is to promote all-round preservation and development of culture of Kazakhstan in the original spirit of continuity and mutual enrichment

4 B. Momyshuly Str., Apt.


8-7172-49 70 34 ,



“Alliance” City Debate Center” YPA

Zhashev Bakytzhan Issabekovich, Director

Organization of debate tournaments

28 RespublikaAve., Apt.320

87017148381, 87004291357


Otandas Zhastar Odagy

Kokbas Kassymkhan

Assistance in employment and on the documentation issues for repatriates (oralmans)

411 Abai Ave.




Branch of “Organization of Scouting Movement in Kazakhstan” PA

Katenov Ildar Zagedereyevich

It forms strong and responsible people in their education

1 Yanushkevich Str.


32-63-28, 39-08-87



“KazAlliance” PA

Rakhmetov Miras

Attracting citizens of Kazakhstan living abroad to participate in national and international legal, humanitarian and other projects and programs

Astana, 34 Tauyelsizdik Ave., 3rd floor



“Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan” RPA, Astana

Abilkas Merzhan

The main objective of the organization is to create a public notoriety of ASK as an organization that really deals with legal, social, economic and domestic issues of young students who are actively involved in the development of independent Kazakhstan

50 Imanov Str, office 408



“Kazak Kyzy” Women’s Institute for Cultural and Moral Education PA

President – Abden K.Zh.

The main objective of the association is the implementation of educational activities aimed at the education of girls in the best Kazakh and European social and moral traditions

Astana, 4 Zhiyembet Zhyrau Str.




“Zhiger. Abyroi. Sana” PF

Director – Yeleuken Ye.B.

Provision of comprehensive support for social, cultural, educational and other development of the population, assistance in the development of youth policy and civil society

Astana, 8 Zhansugurov Str., Office 51



“Korgau-Astana” PF

Director - Ryl A.I.

Development and implementation of seminars, trainings

Astana, 25/2 Ryskulbekov Str., Apt. 8

87172 530192

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