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Programs for the Support of People with Disabilities

27.09.2016, 21:16

In accordance with the individual rehabilitation program, more than 8 thousand of persons with disabilities are provided with the following at the expense of the local budget:

-  wheelchairs;

-  prosthetic and orthopedic products;

-  technical means for the blind and deaf, necessary hygienic means;

-  sanatorium-and-spa treatment;

-  personal assistant services;

-  sign language expert.

Annually material assistance is provided by the Day of Disabled, as well as free travel on the urban public transport, free services on the dentures, compensation for the purchase of solid fuel for the disabled who live in private homes with the local (oven) heating, which are their only shelters for them are provided.

Since 2010, “Invataxi” service has been established in the capital for persons with disabilities who experience difficulties in movement (currently they provide carriage for persons with disabilities using 18 “Invataxi” vehicles, including 5 of them for wheelchair disabled, 7 for children with disabilities, School No. 65, 6 for the blind).

Thus, the Rehabilitation Center for the Elderly, Disabled and Children with Disabilities with 540 beds and five-time meals is functioning since April 2015. The center is located in Shchuchinsk-Burabai resort area on the shore of Katarkol Lake in an environmentally friendly forest area.

Since October 2015, services of sanatorium-and-spa treatment have been started to be provided for the first time: for senior citizens – 35% payment of the ticket cost, senior citizens from among the number of recipients with the minimum pension amount – 25% payment of the ticket cost.

When requesting the above-specified public services provision, a service receiver provides an application and the following documents:

1) a copy of an identity document of the service receiver and/or legal representative; for disabled children – a copy of the child’s identity document and a copy of the legal representative’s identity document;

2) other copies of documents in accordance with the service provision type;

3) a document confirming permanent residence registration (statement of residence or statement of rural and/or aul mayors);

4) a copy of a disability statement in the form approved by Order No. 44 of the Minister of Healthcare and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 30, 2015 “On Approval of Regulations for Medical and Social Expertise” (registered in the Register of the State Registration of Normative Acts as No. 10589) and a copy of an extract of the individual rehabilitation program of the disabled;

5) when submitting an application by another person based on the written consent of the disabled person – a copy of his/her identity document;

in unavailability of the personal identification number in the identity document – a copy of the personal identification number.

Documents shall be submitted in originals and copies for verification, after which the original documents are returned to the service recipient.

When submitting all the required documents, the service provider issues a card indicating the date of registration and receipt of the public service, surname and initials of the person who accepted the documents.

In case if one of these means or services will be recommended, it is required to contact the Office of Employment, Labor and Social Protection located at 16 Sh. Imanbayeva Str., Offices Nos. 9, 10; Tel: 21-09-48, 21-65-09.

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