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Register for the Waiting List to the Kindergarten and Priority Preview

26.09.2016, 20:23

The “Registration in the Waiting Lists for Enrollment in Kindergartens for Preschool Children (Aged under 7)” Public Service based on the Order No. 58 of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 21, 2016 “On the Approval of Standards for the Public Services Provided by the Local Executive Authorities in Preschool Education and Studies” is carried out on the basis of the electronic waiting list at the choice of the service-receiver without any rapid service provision. 

The portal functions 24 hours, except for technical timeouts associated with maintenance works.

The service is automated: is provided through the Public Service Center or e-government web-portal. Being online, every parent is able to find the number on the waiting list and its progress. 

Check the progress in the waiting lists for the kindergarten enrollment

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